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The old school remembers Saturday morning cartoons with School House Rock sing ‘I’m just a bill yes I’m only a bill and I’m sitting here on Capital Hill’ and ‘We the people in order to form a more perfect union’ or the favorite ‘conjunction, junction what’s that function’ long before teachers found the way of teaching children creatively through Hip Hop, going viral with rap lessons, the old school received an English lesson as well as history lesson plus a mathematics lesson all by watching a cartoon.  The one thing that School House Rock didn’t teach us, was that history always repeats itself just in a different form and that reemergence of S.H.R is being brought to us by our forever President and First Lady, the Obama’s with the help of some of musics new school greats such as H.E.R., Janelle Monae, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bebe Rexha just to name a few, with their version titled ‘We The People‘ coming to Netflix.

Grammy Award winning singer/song writer/musician H.E.R sat down for an interview with TMZ to talk about laying tracks for ‘We The People’ in a hopes that our younger generation will be a.) attracted to the series because of the star power behind the music and b.) her, meaning H.E.R, hopes that new schoolers will be rockin out to ‘We The People’ for generations to come much like School House Rock.

Take a listen to H.E.R’s interview along with the episode of ‘We The People’ that features the music of H.E.R, titled Active Citizenship in the videos below.

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