"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

Source: Jason Davis / Getty

Simone Biles ripped up the Olympic trials however when she got to Tokyo the US gymnast script flipped and she removed herself from the team competition but her team brought the silver medal home to her.  Some thought that Simone Biles would compete in the individual Olympic competition but upon further review of her own personal mental health, Simone Biles, withdrew from the Olympics all together.

Although Simone Biles is small in body, it takes a big person to step off of the biggest sporting stage in the world because they know their own personal health should come above all else.  Gymnastics team USA rode for her but for ever rider there is always a mean ‘A’ hater and that mean ‘A’ hater came in the form of Candace Owens via her Twitter.

Now the well deserved dragging has begun of the what some call the black white supremacist that probably should stick to political commentating opposed to being a sideline sports reporter from the comforts of her television.  Hell she probably doesn’t even watch the olympics.

Take a look at the video below.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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