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Not long after after when ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ wrapped up on the television screen, people in Kelly’s camp made their way to the Sam Sylk Show airwaves. R. Kelly’s former tour manager, Demetrius Smith, sat down with the Sam Sylk Show to give some insight on what happened with R. Kelly and Aaliyah. Demetrius Smith gave affirmation that there was in fact a marriage, because he was there. Little did we know or Demetrius Smith know, that the prosecutors office must be a fan of the Sam Sylk Show because what our loyal listeners already heard has now been turned into testimony against R. Kelly in a New York court room.

The now 65 year old ex-tour manager Demetrius Smith of R. Kelly was ordered to testify but was aired that he would not be charged for what he testified about. Smith very cautiously with his attorneys by his side , said that he and other members of R. Kelly’s circle helped Robert Kelly, who was at the time 27-years-old marry Aaliyah, who was only 15. Demetrius Smith testified that “Whatever Robert did with Aaliyah was all about music.” but then in the next breath said that he felt the two were “two friendly,” “playful,” and said at one point he asked Kelly if he was “messin” with the teen. He also testified that after coming off a R. Kelly tour in 1994 Aaliyah thought she was pregnant, and R. Kelly was scared he would go to jail for it, so he helped her obtain an official state ID by bribing a worker at the welfare office. The ID did not show her date of birth.

Take a listen to Demetrius Smith testify to Sam Sylk in 2019 and how it translated into testimony in 2021 during the R. Kelly trial in New York, below.

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