R. Kelly Trial

Either the prosecution in the R. Kelly trial got relaxed on testimony preparation or somebody flipped the script on them. Witness after witness has been shocking everyone with testimony that we didn’t really get from ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and in the last couple weeks things seemed pretty grim for Robert Kelly as the prosecution in […]

The more we hear about the trial of Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R&B singer R. Kelly, the more we are learning as bad as we thought ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ was, the pied piper documentary that led the legendary singer to jail didn’t even scratch the surface of the crazy mess that was going […]

After watching ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ you might have thought that as bad as what we had seen when the Pied Piper of more than just R & B was arrested on multiple sexually abuse charges what more could there be.  We all heard the rumors about Aaliyah so what was said in a New York […]

Not long after after when ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ wrapped up on the television screen, people in Kelly’s camp made their way to the Sam Sylk Show airwaves. R. Kelly’s former tour manager, Demetrius Smith, sat down with the Sam Sylk Show to give some insight on what happened with R. Kelly and Aaliyah. Demetrius Smith […]

R. Kelly’s trial in Brooklyn New York, where the R&B singer is facing charges of racketeering and violating the Mann Act, seems to be more like ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ 5.o, with bomb shells dropping left and right. First with Jerhonda Pace losing her virginity to Robert Kelly at 16 years old with the possibility of […]

Day two of the R. Kelly trial in Brooklyn, New York went down, with more testimony from Jerhonda Pace who was formally known as Jane Doe#4 but more importantly was only 16 years when she testified that R. Kelly Pied Piper his way into taking her virginity while allegedly exposing her to herpes, mentally, physically […]