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The more we hear about the trial of Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R&B singer R. Kelly, the more we are learning as bad as we thought ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ was, the pied piper documentary that led the legendary singer to jail didn’t even scratch the surface of the crazy mess that was going on inside the proverbial closet of R. Kelly’s life.

As the sex abuse charges continue to be argued in a Brooklyn court room we are hearing from people that had direct knowledge of Kell’s alleged wrong doing, such as the minister that performed the wedding ceremony of R. Kelly and the late R&B under aged singer Aaliyah.  Minister Nathan Edmond testified in court that he performed the 10 minute nuptials in a motel room for R. Kelly and Aaliyah that were decked in matching jogging suits with one leg pulled up to their knees.  According to Minister Edmonds he had no idea who the super star couple were nor that the age that some thought was nothing but a number that he knew nothing about and he thought it was hilarious that he was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The man Aaliyah gave her heart to, R. Kelly, had alleged gotten the R&B teenager singer pregnant and according to testimony married her to avoid going to jail.

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