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Actor, writer and comedian Norm Macdonald, who is known for having a deadpan style in his stand-up act, has died after a secret battle with cancer.

He is best known for his five-year stint on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ from 1993 to ’98.  Four of those seasons was where Macdonald was the ‘Weekend Update’ anchor, a role he took over a year after he joined the iconic sketch comedy show.

Macdonald would soon become a favorite with ‘SNL’ fans through his “dry delivery and heavy-swinging punchlines.”

Despite the popularity, Macdonald was abruptly removed as ‘Update’ anchor midway through the 1997-98 season and was immediately replaced by Colin Quinn.  He would ultimately leave the show before the season was over.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

While NBC execs maintained the move was made to salvage sinking ratings, Macdonald said he believed he was removed because of his often repeated jokes made at the expense of O.J. Simpson. Simpson had been acquitted of murder in 1995 following a high-profile court case.

He would return to ‘SNL’ as host early in the 1999-2000 season.

After his stint on ‘SNL,’ Macdonald would star in his ABC sitcom called ‘The Norm Show’ from 1999 to 2001 and had another sitcom on Fox called ‘A Minute with Stan Hooper,’ which only was on for six episodes in 2003.

He joined ABC’s ill-fated ‘Roseanne’ revival in 2018 for a role as a consultant producer in what ended up being that version’s only season.  He was a writer during the 1992-92 season of the original ‘Roseanne’ before leaving to join ‘SNL.’

He also voiced the role of Lucky the Dog in Eddie Murphy’s ‘Dr. Doolittle’ franchise between 1998 and 2006.  Other films with Macdonald include ‘Billy Madison,’ ‘The Animal’ and his starring vehicle ‘Dirty Work.’

Macdonald would soon have a set of shows on Netflix called ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show’ and ‘Norm Macdonald Live.’

He was only 61 at the time of his passing.

Here is an ‘SNL’ sketch that parodies the game show ‘Jeopardy!’ from 1999 featuring Macdonald.

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Article Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

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