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Cleveland Browns Fans Tailgating

Source: Angelo Merendino / Getty

The Cleveland Browns home opener got off to a rocky start.

Not on the field, but at the city’s Muni Lot as tailgating took a turn for the worse.

Two fans were fighting it out before multiple people got involved and turning it to a full-on brawl that ruined someone’s party.

It was all captured on a smartphone before being shared to the world of social media.

From WKYC 3News Cleveland:

Video of the fight, which also made the rounds on social media on Sunday night and Monday morning, initially shows two fans squaring off in a fight with one of them eventually falling to the ground. From there, the fight escalates into a practical brawl after two of the people who were trying to separate the participants in the initial fight got into a fight of their own with several others joining in.

After punches were being thrown, some of those involved in the big brawl ended up knocking an entire table.  Notice some “Happy Birthday” balloons shown at what appeared to have been a celebration before a lot of stupidity went down.

You can also see the guy filming the video enjoying himself before more people got involved.

As for the brawl itself, see it below.

WARNING: This footage contains profanity and violence.

The video would soon go viral, appearing on sites like TMZThe New York PostFox News and Barstool Sports among others.

Despite this unfortunate incident, the Browns would go on and beat the Houston Texans 31-21!

We would not be surprised if those fans in the video would later cheer up after hearing about the news.

It goes to show that, if you are not careful on how you act, you might end up on the internet around the world representing Cleveland…for better or worse.



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Article Courtesy of WKYC 3News Cleveland

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Angelo Merendino and Getty Images

Tweet and Video Courtesy of Twitter and WKYC 3News Cleveland

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