Washington, D.C. George Floyd Protests

Source: Tony Lear / Tony Lear Photography

As sickening as it was for the world to see George Floyd being murdered by a now ex-Minneapolis consisted murder police officer, the worlds eyes were opened to racism first hand or better yet the wrong doing of those that are supposed to protect and serve us.  But whats even sicker than witnessing the inhuman behavior of Derek Chauvin as his brothers in blue kept a clear path for him to do what he did, other Minneapolis police officers in support of that craziness actually decided that they were going to hunt down George Floyd protesters and it was caught on video too.

New body camera footage reveals Minneapolis police officers talked about “hunting” down protesters and celebrated shooting them with rubber bullets five days after the murder of George Floyd and the the footage was released by the attorney of Jaleel Stallings who acquired body camera video showing officers discussing “hunting” people on the streets of Minneapolis, celebrating shooting protesters and mocking journalists who were exempted from curfew.

Take a look at the video below

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