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The Kyrie Irving drama continues however Kyrie wants to provide some clarity as to what is going on, it’s not that he is an anti-vaxxer he just wants to be the Colin Kaepernick of the NBA and take a knee to the choice of COVID-19 vaccination.

Yesterdays Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets news was that the NBA star point guard will not be allowed to play or practice for the Nets until his COVID vaccine situation is resolved, unless Kyrie Irving gets vaccinated or the NBA provides him an exemption he will not be allowed to take any shots for the NBA.

Due to local regulations, players with a home market of New York City and San Francisco will not be allowed to play in home games if they do not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, Kyrie Irving was not allowed to attend Brooklyn Nets media day because of local health and safety protocols, and Kyrie Irving says he wants to keep his vaccination status private.

NBA legends such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal as well as others have chimed in to the Kyrie Irving vaccine drama basically saying in the words of Kareem Abdul-Jannabr , if Kyrie is crazy enough to jeopardize his lifestyle, bank account and teammates by refusing to take a death-saving needle in one of your arms, you have no business dribbling in a league whose players spent last season making an average of $9.5 million.

Now it’s being reported by TMZ that Kyrie Irving is NOT against getting the COVID-19 vaccine, his stance is based on the people who have lost their jobs due to vaccine mandate, wants people to have control over their livelihood and not be forced into doing what they don’t want to.

Do you agree with Kyrie Irving making a stance?

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