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Kevin Hart Arrives to Jimmy Kimmel

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In 2017 Kevin Hart at the highest of highs in his career, with a new life, new wife and a baby on the way got caught up in a video taped entanglement that unlike the terms and conditions of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage, Eniko and Kevin Hart did not have that clause.  Then to add insult to injury not only did Kevin get caught with his pants off (pardon the pun) his boy that he was toasting ‘red cups’ with put Kevin Hart out their on video blast, allegedly.  Clearly Kevin and his homie didn’t have a what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas relationship.  But that was then with a whole Kevin Hart documentary as well as baby in between, to get us to now.  Kevin Hart’s former friend, J.T. Jackson, has been cleared of all criminal wrongdoing in the sex tape case, which included charges of attempted extortion, attempted concealing and selling stolen property, unauthorized use of personal ID and identity theft and Kevin Hart is happy it’s over.

Friendssssss, What about your friends? Are they gonna be low down? Will they ever be around? Or will they turn their backs on you? ♫ -TLC

Kevin Hart posted a video on IG breaking the news of his ex-friend getting out of breaking the man code at the highest level their could be, he couldn’t legally talk about it before but he can speak now.

“I’m happy that that chapter in my life is over. I’m happy that we’re able to put a period on that sentence.”

Sounds like Kevin Hart has learned a whole lot of lessons behind what happened coupled with taking ownership in what he did as his career continues to flourish.

Well is it me or can it be, I’m a little too friendly, So to speak hypothetically say-TLC

Take a look at what Kevin Hart has to say about sex tape gate being finally over in the video below.

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