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After the Miami Dolphins had recently fired head coach Brian Flores, he is now coming out with a lawsuit against that team, the NFL and two other organizations regarding discrimination and pay for losing games.

Now, fresh off of allegations made by Flores against the Dolphins, Denver Broncos and New York Giants, another coach, this time a former one, has come out with his own story.

Here’s a hint: It is from a guy who played a big role in a team that went 0-16 in 2017 to where a “perfect season” parade was held near its stadium.

From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland:

Ex-Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson added fuel to the fire. In response to a tweet about being paid to tank, Jackson said, “Well, Jimmy Haslam, was happy while we kept losing.”

Not sure about Haslam being “happy” for the team to keep “losing.”

Keep in mind that Haslam did continue to show support for Jackson even after that infamous “perfect season.”  That was until the head coach was fired during the middle of his third season.

It just appears that Jackson doesn’t seem to have much nice things to say about Haslam and the Browns.  His follow-up on his recent comments seem to confirm just that:

When a Browns fan insinuated Haslam wasn’t paying $100,000 per loss, Jackson responded, “Trust me it was a good number!”

“It won’t stay hidden much longer. It can’t. What’s crazy is I tried to tell you all yet you didn’t want to listen because of all the losing involved,” Jackson continued.

What has not been hidden was the anger fans directed at Jackson for doing such a poor job coaching the team with more loses than wins, not to mention a tie game, during his time in Cleveland.

Jackson has not been able to have a job in the NFL after his time with the Browns and his extremely short-lived return to the now-Big Game bound Cincinnati Bengals.

Considering that the Bengals had a much better season in 2021 and 22 long after Jackson’s departure speaks volumes.

The Browns were also in the playoffs in early 2021, even beating out the dreaded Pittsburgh Steelers.  Something Jackson would not have been able to do.

Maybe he is better off just commiserating with fellow disgraced Browns alum Johnny Manziel, who also recently fired shots at the Browns.  Maybe more privately and quietly.

As for what the Browns have to say on the recent allegations, the team has not commented yet.

Do you buy what Hue Jackson has to say of the Cleveland Browns and Jimmy Haslam?


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Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

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