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There is a saying that hindsight is twenty, twenty and that is an absolutely true statement.  With that being said what would our lives be like if our older seasoned selves could go back and give our younger selves advice, knowing what we know now?  Unrealistic, right?  If your Just A Kid From Akron, LeBron James, the unrealistic can be a reality, well, at least on television as yesterday during The Big Game, King James gave Prince James advice during a commercial.

♫ sittin’ up in my room back here thinkin’ ’bout you ♫

In a 30 second commercial that has gone viral and is trending LeBron James is sitting in his before the fame bedroom have a conversation with his High School self from the past, about things from the future like cordless headphones, watching movies through your phone and electric cars.  When 2003 LeBron asks 2022 LeBron James talk about the hype surrounding the teen and if he’s ready to play in the NBA, when 2022 LeBron tells him, “I can’t tell you everything, but if you want to make history you got to call your own shots.”  When 2003 LeBron sings out “We going to the league ♫”

Pretty dope commercial, if we really could do that, where would we be?  What advice would you give your younger self?

If you missed it take a look at LeBron James commercial below.

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