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With time as we all get older bygones can be bygones, what once happened between people in their youth can be forgiven in maturation, well, that is, if you don’t include the immature coming off has a hater issue in your memoir.

According to actor/comedian 58 year old Tommy Davidson, in his ‘In Living Color’ hey day’s up and coming actor/comedian/singer, Jamie Foxx, who was talented and competitive, made his life living seeing the color red, saying that the ‘Blame It On The Alcohol’ singer was ‘’mercilessly mean’ to him especially after Jamie Foxx thought his mean behavior was impressive to television/movie director Kenan Ivory Wayans, Tommy Davidson, their less than friendly interactions on the television show sets as well as movie sets was included in his 2020 memoir ‘Living In Color’.

So how did Jamie Foxx feel about these revelations from Tommy Davidson?

“I haven’t actually heard from him,” “I threw some light on this because the book actually was about how my odyssey can help the reader. So I just pointed out all the situations I was in that I was able to eventually transcend. It was really a road map for the reader … not only understand something but over-stand it.”

Wow, that’s too bad, but at least you know that Jamie Foxx read the book…or someone told him about it and he read that chapter.

Take a listen to Tommy Davidson in the video below.

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