In a recent post, that has since been deleted by Jamie Foxx that some thought was ‘anti-Semitic’, instead of taking the post for what it was

The mystery surrounding Jamie Foxx’s medical status has been a hot topic but if you really want to know how he is doing see for yourself.

Good news is that the father, daughter commercial tag team, Jamie and Corinne Foxx, are hosting a new show ‘We Are Family’.

It's been three weeks since legendary American actor, comic and singer Jamie Foxx was taken to a hospital following an undisclosed medical emergency. Today his family is asking for prayers as he continues to recover.

Well, well, well, well, she said she want some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita, will definitely set this party off right, but get ready for it world, after we seen the genius of the Kanye West and Jamie Foxx collaboration on Jeen-Yuhs, it seems that their is gonna be, well at least […]

With time as we all get older bygones can be bygones, what once happened between people in their youth can be forgiven in maturation, well, that is, if you don’t include the immature coming off has a hater issue in your memoir. According to actor/comedian 58 year old Tommy Davidson, in his ‘In Living Color’ hey […]

Did you see all the black, blank posts yesterday? Tuesday a silent protest was held on social media platforms. #BlackOutTuesday to show solidarity for the need for justice reform and police accountability for the senseless deaths of people with brown skin at the hands of the ones that are supposed to protect and serve us, after the tragic […]

History is being made at PIXAR as the Walt Disney computer animation studio has dropped their very first black lead animated film official trailer to ‘SOUL‘ starring Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx voices the character of Joe Gardner. Joe Gardner is a middle-school band teacher who gets the chance of a lifetime to play at the […]

History has officially been made as Pixar, the kings of animation, have released the trailer for the very first black-led animation movie ‘SOUL’. You read that right, not one Pixar animated movie features a black person at its center. ‘SOUL’, set to be released in June 2020, starring the voice of Jamie Foxx, follows a middle school […]

After years of dating in secret, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly set to get married in Paris, claims a source for Radar Online. The insider said: “Paris is the city where they decided to go public with their romance after years of sneaking around.” They are said to be planning a winter wedding. “Katie has waited a long […]

It’s unclear why, but TMZ decided to ask Dennis Graham aka Drake’s dad aka Champagne Grandpapi how he feels about the #MeToo movement and the recent allegations leveled against actor Jamie Foxx. The answer is beyond problematic and [insert sigh], as Graham suggests the abuse women endure happens because they put themselves in questionable situations. “Jamie is my brother and I really can’t comment on what happened […]

Yesterday a sexual assault allegation against Jamie Foxx surfaced, after one woman filed a police report claiming the actor non consensually struck her with his penis back in 2002. Though Foxx is in no danger of legal retribution, since the statute of limitations is a short three years in Las Vegas, Nevada where the assault allegedly took place, other […]