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MC Lyte & Big Daddy Kane | District Rhythms at Ballpark Village May 2017

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When you speak of legendary female rappers/MC’s in Hip Hop, MC Lyte’s, name comes gliding to the spotlight.  MC Lyte who put a different spin on nursery school school rhyme character ‘Georgie Porgie’ with hit ‘Poor Georgie’ in the 80’s through fierce hard work transitioned her resume into Emcee-songwriter, model, actress, motivational speaker, dj, voiceover talent, narrator, mentor to one of the biggest television award show producers.  But all work and no play or having a bank account to can give you everything you want is nothing without love, so when MC Lyte posted on her social media back 2017 that she was marrying the love of her life John Wyche, fans were pumped that every girls fairytale was complete.

“It was so beautiful and a fairytale,” says Lyte. “I got my king.” Earlier this year we broke news of their engagement. The couple met last year online (yes ladies, update those profiles). At the beginning of 2016 Lyte opened herself to receive a “yummy hubby” at the Wealth Experience in Miami, her foundation’s annual women’s empowerment co-founded by her business partner Dr. Lynn Richardson. Attendees prayed over the desire for Lyte and months later she sent a message to Wyche on Their connection quickly grew. A year after that prayer in Miami, she was back at the Wealth Experience with her partner and sharing her journey in the book Your Man and Your Money: How To Get’em and How To Keep ‘Em with Richardson. “Getting whisked away with all that MC Lyte is, it took me away from the reality of how important it is to have a significant other,” she shared with us earlier this year. “I would advise all the women out there that have their paper straight and not the man to start to pay attention to that.” – MC Lyte

The problem was her marriage was real life and in real life there aren’t any fairytales and just because you are a legendary celebrity it doesn’t remove you from the Reality Hours in everyday life.  For MC Lyte that Reality Hour came in 2020 with her divorce from John Wyche, however it was the ongoing of the separation that left MC Lyte distraught.

Recently on ‘The Real’ the Hip Hop icon, MC Lyte, opened up about her divorce and the pain she endured to navigate through it.

“I’m actually still going through it,” “When the press got a hold of it, I think people thought we were [divorced]. I had just filed and so we’re still going through it right now.”

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