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We all wish we had hindsight, because hindsight is 20/20, that means if we had a chance to do things over we could/would.  However recently in an interview with rapper DaBaby the question was posed to him after taking a step back looking at what went down in recent history, does he have any regrets, if he could get a do over would he, and DaBaby’s position is sorry, NOT sorry.

Back in February a video went viral of rapper DaBaby in attendance at a Los Angeles, California bowling alley, where his daughters mother, singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and choreographer, DaniLeigh’s, brother, Brandon Bills, who is also a rapper, was in attendance as well.  According to the video it appears DaBaby and Brandon Bills exchanged a few words then instead of rolling bowling balls down the lanes, DaBaby and Bills along with DaBaby’s crew ended up rolling down the slippery lanes.  This was all allegedly because of the not so great relationship between DaBaby and his youngest baby mama, DaniLeigh, whose drama plays out on social media.

Fast-forwarding to March in an interview where DaBaby was discussing his newest project with NBA YoungBoy  “Better Than You”, a Reality Hour question popped up when DaBaby was asked would he have done anything differently in his past relationship drama, when DaBaby responded “NOPE”

“Life is life. What could of been done differently, it would have to start up under the hood. I would have to put more out there, to even break down, what I would have done differently, that’s neither here or there. Life is where it’s at, at this point. We make adjustments and we carry on with integrity, we carry on righteously.”

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