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Unfortunately 2020 won’t only go down in the history books as the start of the COVID-19, but it will go down as the year that the world took to the streets in protest after George Floyd was murdered by a now ex-Minneapolis officer caught on a video that went viral.  Black Lives Matter led the charge against those who took an oath to protect and serve us under the faced of Blue Lives Matter and to some of those officers their lives, their oaths meant that they were the judge and jury for what they perceived to be right and wrong.  Fast forwarding to 2022 some of those Blue Lives are finding out that just because they wear a blue uniform it doesn’t change the fact that they are a black life that matters and that fact has garnered them to the same wrongfully ill treatment as a civilian.   Now officers like Officer Mark Miles are finding themselves filling suits and blowing the whistle on the good ole boys blue code.

According to a lawsuit filed by Officer Mark Miles, he was was subjected to racist comments from his superiors and he also say’s that other officers talked about killing Black Lives Matter protesters.

It’s being reported that a Federal lawsuit has been filed Officer Mark Miles of Maryland accusing his former supervisor Sgt. Stephanie Harvey, who is named as a defendant in the suit, of making racist comments toward him after he was transferred to Harvey’s “Shift 5” division in spring 2020, claiming she often referred to him as “colored” in front of his colleagues.  The lawsuit also claims that Officer Mark Miles white superiors expressed a desire to kill Black Lives Matter protestors in a group text chain.  Officer Miles was the only black man in the unit.

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