Megan Thee Stallion x Fenty

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Two years ago after leaving a house party together,  Megan Thee Stallion was out with Tory Lanez when they were stopped by police  around 4:30 a.m. near a house in the Hollywood hills, Megan was taken to the hospital for injuries to her foot and Tory Lanez was arrested for a gun charge.  Recently Megan Thee Stallion opened up for the first time, with Gayle King exclusively, about the alleged Tory Lanez shooting incident that has left bullet fragments in her feet to this day.  Megan Thee Stallion in the same interview also claimed that Tory Lanez offered her and her ex-best friend Kelsey Nicole “one million dollars” to keep quiet.  Tory Lanez trial is set to go down in September and it appears that Megan Thee Stallion has back up on what went down that night including the hush money that was offered.

Megan Thee Stallion’s friend and former stylist, Jonathan Wright, in a separate interview is singing “I second that emotion ♫”.  According to Jonathan Wright he is still cool Megan despite rumors that the two had a fallout,  Jonathan Wright say’s he was DM’d by Tory and knew he was trying to pay off Megan.

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