Young Thug's 30th Birthday

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Even a blind squirrel can find a nut, but according to rapper Young Thug, if that blind squirrel is broke he shouldn’t be able to nut.

Things are not what they used to be.  It used to be people could get assistance when they were in an impoverished situation but now assistance in some veins is still available, but flat out cash assistance not so much.  The theory was if you stopped giving out cash assistance people that are living in poverty would pump the brakes on having kids.  The welfare system has changed and it is debatable if it was for the good.  But none the less The United States is one of the richest country on the globe but ironically poverty still exists and with poverty that brings on a whole other set of problems.

Speaking of the debate on poverty, rapper Young Thug, started a debate on social media when he offered his belief that men shouldn’t have kids if they’re broke.

“We need new rules,” “If you dead broke, if you a broke ass nigga, you should not be able to nut. You’re bringing poor kids into this world, fuck nigga. You’re making niggas rob, and kill and steal because you’re running around with no type of career, no nothing.” “Now your kids growing up wanting shit. Your kids growing up looking at Thug and his gang,”

Young Thug an Atlanta native became a father at 17 years old and has six children by four women.

Take a listen to all Young Thug had to say about broke men in the video below, then give us your thoughts.

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