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When people want to break into the entertainment industry they are all singing, ♫ I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly (High), I feel it coming together, People will see me and cry ♫ but in every entertainers life their comes a point where that tune turns to  ♫ Ever since this money come, it’s been nothing but stress Sometimes I wish that I could just trade in my success ♫ and unfortunately  it seems that everybody’s favorite female rapper on and off wax Cardi B is singing ‘I Wish’ lately.

The former Love and Hip Hop star, Cardi B, broke down on IG after The Met Gala party saying that she feels like a prisoner of fame, she hasn’t been able to be her true self since 2014.  The posting was post drama from her Met Gala party, where people after seeing a leaked video from the party said that Cardi B was encouraging people to snort cocaine.

“Make sure you got your drinks, make sure y’all do your little [lines]. Whatever the f–k you have to do. We got to turn the f–k up. I want everybody dancing!”

Cardi B is insisting the whole statement was just a joke, but none the less, social media is still dragging her and Cardi B isn’t here for the mess.

In the worlds of Biggie ‘More Money, More Problems’

Take a listen to Cardi B talk about her price of fame below.

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