Kevin Samuels

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Breaking News last night was that word was spreading on social media that controversial YouTuber Lifestyle coach Kevin Samuels had passed away at the age of 57, the heart breaking news of it all was while most outlets where waiting for confirmation that the viral news was true, his own mother learned of his passing on social media.

According to a report Atlanta Police Department, officers were called to an apartment, when police arrived, first responders were performing CPR on an unresponsive man later identified as Kevin Samuels, who may have allegedly had a heart attack.

When contacted to confirm Kevin Samuels passing, his mother  Beverly Samuels-Burch in an interview this morning she learned about what had happened on social media.

“That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified,”  “All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

His mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, declined to release details about Kevin Samuels cause of death.

The self proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels passing comes after shaking up social media with his comments about women over 35 years old being leftovers.

“If you have made it to 35 and you are unmarried, you are a leftover woman,” “You are what is left. Men know that there is something likely wrong with you.

We will be keeping the family and friends of Kevin Samuels uplifted in our prayers respectfully.

Take a look at the last video Kevin Samuels posted before his untimely passing below.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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