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Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson’s 23rd Accuser Comes Forward, Alleges Inappropriate Sexual Conduct

Sheesh! Another woman has filed a lawsuit against quarterback Deshaun Watson, moving the list up to 23.   Read More


The jury awarded Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages.  Read More

MARION BARBER III Former Cowboys Star DEAD AT 38

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber III was found dead in his apartment on Wednesday. He was just 38 years old.  Read More


Desiigner had a not-so-friendly exchange with cops after getting pulled over … leading to a shouting match while things got sorted out.  Read More


Amber Heard says her loss in the Johnny Depp defamation case is a true “setback” for women who speak out, saying she feels she’s lost her right to freedom of speech in the process.  Read More

JOHNNY DEPP I’VE GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!  After Defamation Case Win

On the way out, fans cheered and high five’d him like a conquering hero.  Read More


Charles Booker — a Black candidate running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky — put a rope around his neck in a startling campaign ad … which takes aim at Rand Paul.    Read More

AUSTRALIA MAN VS. KANGAROO Just Another Day Down Under!!!

The people of Australia have a lot to deal with when it comes to vicious wildlife — but very rarely do they have to square up with the country’s national animal, the kangaroo — which makes a new video that much more shocking.  Read More

Surveillance Video Shows Man Stabbing 16-Year-Old Brooklyn Girl Walking Into Juice Bar

stabbing attack involving a teen and a stranger in Brooklyn has NYPD on the hunt for a suspect.   Read More

Dress Designer Says Client Used Her Mother’s Ashes As Collateral For Her Daughter’s Prom Dress

This past weekend, an amateur dress designer made innanet rounds after sharing a client story involving ashes used as collateral.   Read More

Elon Musk Says Remote Tesla Employees “Pretend To Work” And Demands All Staff Return To The Office

As the world continues to wait to find out if his Twitter buyout officially goes through, Elon Musk is taking a bit of time to focus on his other company Tesla, specifically its workers. In a company-wide email that recently circulated online, Elon Musk told his Tesla employees that remote work is officially a thing of the past because employees “pretend to work.”  Read More

Sherhonda Gaulden Shoots Her Shot At Tyler Perry To Be In One Of His Films

Sherhonda shot her shot at Tyler Perry in hopes of landing a role in one of his films. The mother of three and aspiring rapper shared a DM she sent to the mogul on Instagram, which read,  Read More

Buffalo Supermarket Shooter Indicted On Domestic Terrorism Charge & Ten Counts Of First-Degree Murder

According to AP News, Payton Gendron has been indicted and charged by a grand jury with domestic terrorism motivated by hate and ten counts of first-degree murder. The 25-count indictment also contains charges of murder and attempted murder as a hate crime and weapons possession, which carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison.  Read More

Texas DPS Corrects Previous Statement, Says A Teacher Did Close Door, But It Did Not Lock Before Uvalde School Shooting

There have been a number of details released as investigators get to the bottom of how the Uvalde school shooting unfolded. Now the Texas Department Of Public Safety is correcting a previous comment that was made about a teacher leaving a door open, which allowed the gunman access inside the school.  Read More

Rick Ross Criticizes Those Who Think ‘Begging’ Will Help Them

Rick Ross is convinced “begging” will get you nowhere in life.  Read More

Lil Nas X Reacts to BET Awards Snub: ‘An Outstanding Zero Nominations Again’

Lil Nas X refused to bite his tongue.  Read More

Consequence Apologizes to Drake After Getting Involved in Kanye Feud and Dissing Toronto Rapper on Song

Consequence has offered an apology to Drake, whom he dissed multiple times last year amid Kanye West’s beef with the Canadian rapper.  Read More

Kendrick’s “We Cry Together” Sees Biggest Single-Week Billboard Hot 100 Drop in History, Going From No. 16 to 97

Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige’s “We Cry Together” experienced a record-breaking downward spiral on Wednesday, sinking 81 spots on the Billboard Hot 100, the biggest single-week drop in the chart’s history.   Read More

BET Awards 2022 Nominees Revealed: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Doja Cat, and More

BET has revealed the nominations for the 2022 BET Awards. Doja Cat leads the pack with six nominations, while Drake and Ari Lennox scored four nominations apiece.  Read More

Kanye West’s Company Files Multiple Yeezus Trademarks, Including for ‘Metaverse Experiences’ and NFT Marketplace

Speculation began immediately this week upon word that the artist formerly known as Kanye West had filed a slew of trademark applications focused on the Yeezus moniker.  Read More

Middle School Teacher Accused of Sending Nude Photos to Student Who Then Blackmailed Her

28-year-old teacher Ivy Reneau is under investigation after she allegedly sent nude photos and videos to a 16-year-old student who then blackmailed her,    Read More

B.C. Becomes First Province to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Hard Drugs

British Columbia will become the first province in Canada to decriminalize cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. Starting on January 31, 2023, people 18 years or older carrying 2.5 grams of the aforementioned drugs will not face criminal charges or mandatory treatment.  Read More

Derek Chauvin Named in 2 New Civil Lawsuits Alleging Excessive Force in Separate 2017 Incidents

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted for the murder of George Floyd, has been named in two new civil lawsuits alleging excessive force.  Read More

10-Year-Old Shot and Killed Woman Who Got Into A Fight With Her Mother

Authorities reported Monday that a 10-year-old Florida girl shot and killed a woman who had gotten into a confrontation with her mother.  Read More

The Late John Madden To Grace Cover Of Madden 23 Video Game

Iconic football coach and sports commentator John Madden returns to the “Madden” cover after 22 years.  Read More

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