The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 14

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You have to wonder sometimes if people say stuff for, the viral of it all, ratings or they just misconstrued a situation.  Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Drew Sidora claimed that she dated a certain NBA basketball King.

If you are a fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know everything that is said or done is all about the ‘tea’ and shade’, so Drew Sidora spilled her own alleged tea while at the table with her husband, Ralph, the other RHOA ladies and their husbands that she allegedly dated ‘King ___’ before he got married.

According to Drew:

“I was on Melrose and we were at a restaurant and a certain king of the NBA sent me over a drink,” …“We went on a couple of dates, he flew me to his games. He would listen to my music before his games. All those games he was winning, it was off of my music!”  “I’m just saying.”

The name of the King was muted however in the confessional Kenya Moore says:

“Child, Drew is talking about LaQuan,”

Drew Sidora and her husband Ralph have been having some relationship trust issues, behind Ralph disappear to Florida without any contact with her and his infamous massage offering personal assistant.   So, for Drew to spill such alleged tea about a man that may not have been married but worldly known in a family like relationship is a tad bit shady.  What’s even more interesting is, didn’t she just get into a argument with Sheree’ Whitfield about her carrying a bone back about her husband?  #IJS

Why did any of this come up?  We guess on this weeks Real Housewives of Atlanta the ladies are playing the who they used to date game.

Take a look at the video below.

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