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Treasury Secretary Yellen Testifies Before Senate Banking Hearing

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) gestures to Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) while leaving after questioning U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen at a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on the Financial Stability Oversight Council Annual Report to Congress on May 10, 2022, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. | Source: Pool / Getty

Black Republican politicians have one job—be the Black face that bolsters the white conservative narrative. They don’t need to know things, they just need to say the thing the GOP wants said.

This brings us to South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

Scott knows his job as well as any Black lackey for the white right. He knows he doesn’t need to be informed, he just needs to say what he’s expected to say without any regard for actual facts. It’s why blamed police reform failing on Democrats insisting on including “defund the police language” in a bill in which no such language existed and one where a reduction in police funding wasn’t even included. It’s almost as if Scott didn’t bother reading the bill before rejecting it like his overseers expected him to.

This is also the man who declared with his whole chest that “America is not a racist country,” despite all the statistical and historical evidence that it is. But numbers and facts don’t matter when your only job is to say the white…I mean, right thing.

So, it should surprise no one that, during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday night, Scott did another tap-dancing routine in admitting he hasn’t bothered tuning in to the Jan. 6 hearings. Still, he said emphatically that those hearings he hasn’t watched are “made for TV,” lacking in “cross-examination” and, of course, that they do nothing to discredit his favorite MAGA man Donald Trump. (I mean, Scott was the only Black senator who voted to acquit Trump after he was impeached for inciting the riot, so it’s no surprise he’s still drinking from the insurrectioner-in-chief’s Kool-Aid.)

“I have not watched the Jan. 6 hearings. I was actually in the Senate when it happened, so I don’t need an education on what actually happened,” Scott said. He later answered, “I think if Trump is a nominee, of course we support him.” (Notice Scott was asked if he would support Trump, and he answered, “of course we” would. It’s almost as if he’s just a diversity addition to the GOP hive mind.)

Now is a good time to mention that Scott also once continued the tired and racist narrative that Black people are being duped by Democrats into believing Trump and America are racist. Of course, if he knew anything about his own people, he’d know we’ve been calling Trump racist since long before he was president, and we’ve been calling America racist since forever without the influence of a single politician, Democrat or Republican.

I guess former Georgia election worker Wandrea “Shaye” Moss was also being “duped” by Democrats when she testified Tuesday before the Jan. 6 committee and recounted the racist abuse she and her mother experienced when Trump and Trump’s allies falsely accused them of pulling fraudulent ballots from a suitcase.

Again, Scott doesn’t know things, he just says things—like the good little GOPuppet he is. 


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