Emmett Till Candlelight Vigil

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14 year old Emmett Till was tortured almost beyond recognition and murdered in 1955 while visiting relatives in Mississippi after Carolyn Bryant Donham claimed that he made advances at her by whistling at her. Emmett Till’s mother insisted that his casket remain open to show how heinous a crime was committed against her son, while demanding justice that never really came. Especially after the woman many years later admitted that Emmett did not do it.

It is now 2022 and as long as someone is living and breathing, it is never too late for justice to be served.

The family of Emmett Till is demanding that authorities arrest a woman following the new discovery of an unserved warrant from 1955 in a Mississippi courthouse basement. Searchers that are still looking for evidence of Emmett Till’s murder found inside a file folder that had been placed in a box, a warrant for the arrest of Carolyn Bryant Donham — identified as “Mrs. Roy Bryant” on the document.

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