Independence day celebration at Philadelphia

Source: Tongshan / Getty

The 4th of July is supposedly a day of celebration of Independence across America.  July 4th 2022 seems to have been the day that exposes the need for gun control as well as police reform with the releasing of the video of Akron Police shooting Jayland Walker hitting him with 60 bullets killing him, a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois at a Fourth if July parade and now the report of two Philadelphia officers being shot while providing security at a Fourth of July celebration.

It is being reported that gunfire erupted from a location in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art but behind the main stage on Eakins Oval at 9:45pm striking two police officers, one officer was grazed in the head.

Both Philadelphia officers were transported to Jefferson University Hospital where they were treated and released early Tuesday morning and Philadelphia police are continuing to search for the suspect who fired shots.   It was unclear if the officers were targeted or if they were struck during “celebratory gunfire” amid Fourth of July festivities.

The question is will change come sooner then later.

Take a look at the video below.

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