Russia detained WNBA star Brittney Griner when allegedly vape cartridges containing hashish oil were found in her luggage back in February.   Today Brittney Griner who is facing 10 years in jail if she is found guilty finally got to take the stand to plead her case before a Russian court.

Brittney Griner who maintains the whole incident was a mistake and she had no intention of smuggling drugs into the country.

“I still don’t understand to this day how they ended up in my bags,”

Brittney Griner also said that she was made to sign some documents that she didn’t fully understand and was trying to use Google translator to read them.  Brittney Griner pleaded guilty earlier this month in hopes to receive leniency from a Russian court with a 99% conviction rate.

No sooner than Brittney Griner finished testifying CNN broke the news that  the Biden administration has offered to exchange a convicted Russian arms trafficker as part of a potential deal to secure Griner’s release, as well as Paul Whelan’s, another American detained in Russia.

Take a look at the video below

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Source: Radio One Digital