A Cleveland Heights high school graduate and former U.S. Marine was killed in Ukraine alongside a group of soldiers fighting to free injured refugees.

Russia detained WNBA star Brittney Griner when allegedly vape cartridges containing hashish oil were found in her luggage back in February.   Today Brittney Griner who is facing 10 years in jail if she is found guilty finally got to take the stand to plead her case before a Russian court. Brittney Griner who maintains the […]

Part of the problem with former President Donald Trump was his relationship with Russia more specifically, Vladimir Putin, however now the hopefully ‘Never Again’ President Donald Trump is claiming that if he would been re-elected, Russia invading the Ukraine wouldn’t have never happened, because the powers that be are dumb and his boy Vladimir Putin […]

In a stupendous turn of events, President Donald Trump finally admitted that Russia helped him get elected — ending years of “will they, won’t they.” His remarks came one day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated that he was closing his investigation, but not without the confidence that “the president clearly did not commit a crime.” Mueller’s […]

Beluga whales are trained for military roles, but not necessarily by researchers.    Fishermen off Norway’s northern coast were astonished last week when they spotted a beluga whale wearing a harness, complete with mounts for a camera. And according to marine experts, the mammal’s backstory may be even stranger: They believe it was trained by […]

Democratic members of Congress are criticizing Attorney General William Barr for holding a press conference before the release of the report.  They are also calling for the release of the full report.   Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible obstruction of justice could not clear President Donald Trump, stating the President’s actions and intent […]

Twenty-two months, 37 indictments, and seven convictions later, Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump-Russia probe has finally been submitted. The Department of Justice confirmed the filing Friday afternoon, marking the end of the special counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election, and their possible collusion with members of the Trump campaign. “I write to notify you […]

Whenever Lindsay Lohan is trending on social media, you know it can’t be for something good. The actress posted a series of videos of her harassing a refugee family in Russia who she believed to be part of  child-trafficking. It appears she tried to take the children and ended up with a punch in the face from […]

The President was seen speaking with his aides on the news coverage of his summit with Putin, and how to react to lack of support he got from all sides, including the Republican Party. President Donald Trump voiced support Tuesday for US intelligence agencies, a day after he refused to accept their findings on Russia’s election meddling […]

Trump accepts Putin’s denials of election meddling   HELSINKI – President Donald Trump accepted denials by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow interfered with the 2016 U.S. election Monday, bringing swift condemnation from members of Congress from both parties. After meeting privately with Putin for two hours in Helsinki, Trump said he held both the United States […]

Rudy Giuliani is adamant that Donald Trump is simply unable to be prosecuted while serving as President of the United States. In Giuliani’s mind, even if he shot FBI Director James Comey—which, for Trump, would put a swifter end to the Russia investigation than firing Comey—he’d merely be impeached, and would only then, as a citizen, feasibly face […]

Longtime Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen appeared in a Manhattan courtroom today in connection with the FBI’s recent raid on his office and hotel room. Stormy Daniels’ lawyer also told outlets that she would be in attendance, but the bombshell headline that has already emerged has nothing to do with the porn star. Rather, the judge forced Cohen’s […]