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We had to play the newest viral video a few times to make sure it wasn’t actors, but sadly it wasn’t.  According to the person who initially posted the video, a young lady and her friend (who was recording the incident) were at a park in Atlanta,Ga.  after dark, and unbeknownst to them that closes at sunset. An Atlanta police officer arrives and proceeds to write them both tickets and requested they sign it. The young lady then asked the officer for his name and badge number and that’s when things went way left.  (see video below)

The police officer in the video who is wearing gloves and a full head mask then say’s he is arresting the young lady, wrestles her to the ground then threatens to hit her with his taser although the officer was clearly in control.

Atlanta police are now responding to the viral video by releasing the body-cam video.

The body camera footage shows Officer Brooks repeatedly giving the woman his badge number and asking her to sign the ticket she received for being in the park after hours.  Once the woman refused, Officer Brooks advised she would be taken to jail. As the footage continues, the woman is shown being combative and refusing to allow the officer to place her in handcuffs.

Speak on it family what are your thoughts on this?  Was she wrong?  Was he excessive?  Or all the above.

Take a look at both videos below and then give us your thoughts.

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