Babyface One More Time Experience Columbus

Source: Nia Noelle / Radio One Digital

Ladies are always wondering should they be old school and wait for a man to holla at them, or should they go new school and approach the man first.  Well we have some encouraging news ladies, well at least if you wanna get with singer ‘Babyface’, he only likes women that shoot their shot at him first.

For the women that have dreams of creating their own ‘Whip Appeal’ video with Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and producer Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, in a recent interview you gave up the tea on what to do if you want to get with him.

According to Face he doesn’t necessarily like ‘bad girls’ however he does like girls that approach him because he is afraid of being shot down.

So you can hear it from the horses mouth below, it’s no crime, to holla at Babyface and who now’s Babyface might end up paying your rent, buying your clothes and cooking your dinner too, soon as he gets home from work.

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