Cardi B

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If you don’t know anything about Cardi B you should know that she doesn’t have no problem with putting folks on blast.  However some people that are new new have to learn things the hard way.  So when Cardi B went to the YSL store in New York and felt profiled she flipped it on the store employee along with a warning “Don’t delete the bullsh*t off the camera neither!”

Cardi B according to her Instagram had this to say about her YSL New York experience:

“@ysl at 57th street, y’all got this weak a** racist piece of sh*t working at ya’ll store and y’all manager ain’t no better neither…Don’t delete the bullsh*t off the camera neither. I’ll talk about it later or tomorrow on live .. Toodles.” 

We are sure that the late Yves Saint Laurent who passed away in 2008, would not be happy about this employee upsetting the Grammy award winning ‘Money’ star.

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