David Letterman x Dave Chappelle

Source: Mathieu Bitton / Netlfix

Just when you thought the dust has settled, Saturday Night Live has kicked it back up.

A lot of folks were upset with Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special ‘The Closer’ were some took offense to his ‘Trans’ skit.  Employees that worked for Netflix staged a walk out, while Netflix maintained that Chappelle’s words did not cross “the line on hate” and would remain available on the streaming service.

Since then things on the cancel Dave Chappelle trail have been quit until today.

Several “Saturday Night Live” staff writers are said to be boycotting over the decision to tap Dave Chappelle to host the show this weekend.  According to a report some of the writers are allegedly not working on the episode, but none of the actors are boycotting.

The same report alleges that Dave Chappelle’s rep had this to say about the boycott rumor:

“there was no evidence of a boycott.”  “The room was full of writers. They all pitched ideas and they seemed very excited about it…. Dave is looking to have some fun,”

I guess we will find out SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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