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An intimate video of Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Husband of Tamia Dawkins went viral on social media shocking the saints when a explicit video of him being with another man leaked online back in March.  Pastor Pastor Dawkins who is a member of the Praise International Church in Florida and is also the founder and CEO of DHDawkins Ministries is finally now addressing the the video of him and his “sneaky link”.

According to Pastor Dawkins his “sneaky link” allowed him to record their entanglement however his hook-up is a content creator and must have thought that he had what all content creators want to have, a ‘viral video’, so he posted it on social media and blocked Pastor Dawkins so he couldn’t see the post.

Pastor Dawkins while peaking at the Leaders in Training Conference in Atlanta had this to say:

”I had connected with an individual of the same gender and I’ve had, throughout my childhood up until even this moment, dealing with bisexual tendencies,”… “It was wrong.”  ”That evening, you can imagine, I did not sleep. I have a wife and three beautiful sons. Pastor of a church in South Florida for 14 years at that point and family, loved ones, all of that — so the weight of that shame sat on me.”

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