Nalah Jackson Mug Shot

Source: Columbus Division of Police / Radio One Digital

God moves in mysterious ways, just like miracles.  An Ohio mother went to pickup a Doordash order at a Columbus Pizza shop, just before 10:00pm on Monday, leaving her twin 5 month year old’s in a car seat while she ran inside to grab the order.   When the woman turned around, that quick her black Honda Accord, was gone, along with her twin babies.  One of the babies was found some hours later in a car seat in a parking lot at Dayton International Airport.  But his twin brother was still missing as well as the person of interest has been named Nalah Jackson. 

People nationally were praying for the safe return of baby Kason as threats of the winter storm was approaching.

Then came the miracle.

A report said that two officers in Indianapolis  just before their shift ended found baby Kason. He was found outside a Papa John’s in Indianapolis. A worker there told 10TV’s sister station in Indianapolis that the baby was likely left alone in the vehicle since Tuesday morning when the vehicle was first spotted there.

However, allegedly, according to a TikTok series it was two twins that put themselves in harms way after doing some social media investigating, when one of the twin sisters bought some Christmas toys off of a women that looked like the suspected kidnapper Nalah Jackson, that brought baby ‘K’ safely back home for the holidays.

The sisters took to TikTok to tell a strange tale of a woman on drugs looking for a crack house that activated their Spidy senses as well as having to do their own investigation because authorities needed more proof that the person they had met was indeed Nalah Jackson.

Take a listen to the twins that say they found the kidnapper and the twin in a 16 part video story below.

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Source: Radio One Digital