Chris Brown Performs In Berlin

Source: Frank Hoensch / Getty

Chris Brown is hands down one of the greatest performers to take a concert stage, give fans their monies worth, lyrically, visually and for some lucky fans physically.  However Chris Brown is not about to Take You Down, if you decide you want to make a video of the take down.

This is too funny, but probably not so funny, for a fan who was brought on stage recently at a Chris Brown concert.  As Breezy was given the fan a lap dance to his hit single Take You Down, the excited fan took out her cell phone to document this possibly once in a lifetime moment.  Chris Brown that was giving her nothing but theatrical freak nasty obviously didn’t feel like the fan was getting into the moment so Breezy did what any man would do when getting in the mood, chucked her cell phone into the crowd.

The fan that looked like she just lost her best friend and potential viral moment when her cell phone took flight, did end up getting her phone back and going viral but not for the reason she thought.

Take a look at the video below and let us know, was Chris Brown wrong or nah?

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