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Everyone thought that Nick Cannon’s baby bottle tweet yesterday was the tease birth announcement of baby number 13, that would being coming on the heels of baby number 12.

Well Nick Cannon, made you look!!

Nick Cannon did  have some big news, that did kind of involves baby content and there is something being birthed just not the type of births that we have become accustomed too with Nick Cannon.  Nick Cannon who has become rich and famous from his raw creativity may have just done it again.  Today’s big announcement was a new television show that embodies the hot topics of Nick Cannon as of late ‘Who’s Having My Baby’.

Nick Cannon dropped the upcoming promo video for ‘Who’s Having My Baby’ to with a caption that say’s it will be premiering on E! this spring with star host comedian Kevin Hart, the man that tried to get Nick Cannon a condemn vending.

‘Who’s Having My Baby’ in what’s being billed as “the mother of all game shows,” Nick Cannon is set to pick from a slate of contestants who want to have his next baby in a new game show.

Take a look at the promo to ‘Who’s Having My Baby’ below

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