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Every parents nightmare is to have to bury their child.  Every parents horror is to have their child’s life taken from them right in front of their eyes.  A young mother is experiencing both those scenarios, what’s worse is allegedly the killer was her child’s father who done it while he was on Facetime with her.

Deontray Flanagan allegedly went into a Harris County Walmart store where a 2 year old’s mother worked around 10 a.m. Monday after picking up 2 year old Zevaya Marie Flanagan from daycare.  After an argument Flanagan took the 2 year old, the mothers phone and demanded the mother give him her passcode or he was going to hurt the child.

“He just wanted my phone. He’s screaming at me telling me what is the passcode, tell me the passcode, or she’s going to get hurt; and I’m telling him the passcode over and over, but I guess it just wasn’t enough,”

Deontray Flanagan then allegedly Facetimed the mother, Kairsten Watson.

“Her face was just covered in blood. He hit her with something really hard, and then he called me on Facetime, and he showed me. He choked her on Facetime. I said, ‘Tray stop, that is your daughter, stop, she loves you.’ His exact words were you only love that man, you did this to her,”

2 year old Zevaya Marie Flanagan was taken to a hospital where she later died.

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