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Cherice Williams

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One thing’s for certain, and two things are for sure; Black Girl Magic is truly undeniable. Blaq Luxury Hair CEO Cherice Williams is another example of Black excellence in the beauty space. Like many Black female bosses, Cherice’s rise to success came with multiple hurdles —juggling a job as a waitress to make ends meet and deciding between a career on Wall Street or that of a beauty entrepreneur. As we can see, the Jamaican native chose the latter.

Most beauty bosses often highlight not finding the right products to suit their needs as the catalyst for their companies. In Cherice’s case, the common sentiment is true, with one major factor — Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, aka PCOS.

The 4-1-1 on PCOS

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that causes the ovaries to produce large amounts of androgens (male sex hormones) that are present in women in small quantities, per John Hopkins Medicine. Unfortunately, this causes the ovaries to enlarge and cysts to develop in some women. 

Additionally, PCOS causes some women to experience hair loss or hair thinning or find themselves with brittle, dry, and damaged hair, per HealthMatch. That said, finding the right hair products when living with PCOS can be difficult.

Blaq Luxury Hair is born

Cherice quickly went to work and brought Jamaican Black Castor Oil along for the ride to create her own products — which include everything from nourishing shampoos to hair serums.

After investing $2000 of her waitress tips into marketing for Blaq Luxury Hair, business began to boom. And within three short years, word-of-mouth recommendations, and a solid customer base, Cherice’s dream became a multi-million dollar Black-owned business.

As a fellow Jamaican, I love to see my sisters make their dreams a reality. I spoke with Cherice about Black beauty, what makes Blay Luxury Hair stand out, thoughts on future acquisitions, and more.

Blaq Luxury Hair CEO Cherice Williams

Source: Archix Taylor / other

Hello Beautiful: What does Black Beauty mean to you?

Cherice Williams: Consumers are now looking for unique, personalized products and brands that center their individuality, of such, Black beauty means a lot to me because it helps to strengthen and create a healthy economy for a minority-owned business sector. 

HB: What makes Blaq Luxury Hair unique?

CW: We are a vibe and a culture. We take for us and by us seriously; we listen to our consumers all the way. We create products that they ask for. Our products are never formulated with sulfates, silicones, parabens, or other toxic chemicals.

HB: Since PCOS caused you to deal with dry and weak hair, do you have any plans of partnering with any organizations in the future?

CW: Yes, we do plan on partnering with the PCOS Awareness Association, a non-profit organization that advocates and helps spread awareness for women living with PCOS to improve the quality of care and access to resources to combat their daily struggles.

HB: How does it feel to have built a multi-million dollar company in what many say is an oversaturated industry?

CW: It is a tremendous feeling to know that with strategic marketing and a “cult-like” consumer base, we can stand out and create a path for ourselves while inspiring other upcoming entrepreneurs so that they, too, can create the same path.

HB:There has been a rise in female entrepreneurship in the beauty space. What advice do you have for aspiring beauty CEO’s?

CW: Firstly, congrats to all women entrepreneurs! My favorite advice is always to choose the right niche and identify that gap to be filled in the market. Know your audience, road-test your ideas, embrace feedback, and learn from your mistakes.

HB:  It’s no secret that many beauty brands have been acquired by white-owned companies. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes with formulas changing and the brands not being laser-focused on their core customer base. Do you have plans for acquisition in the future?

CW: We do not have any intention or plans to sell our brand. Our brand was built off the trust and loyalty of our consumers, and we will never take that for granted. We want to keep something for us within the community. 

HB: What’s next for Blaq Luxury Hair? What products can fans expect to rollout in the future?

CW: Blaq Luxury Hair products are now in the retail space, while maintaining an online presence. Our products can be found at local beauty supply stores in the US and internationally. With God amidst everything, we hope to scale into the mass market soon. We plan to launch a soothing and hydrating collection that fans will love. 

Check out Blaq Luxury Hair for all your hair care needs.

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