Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns

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Your present will become your past, which will show up in your futureand according to Golden State Warrior Draymond Green, that’s exactly why Golden State is still not in the hunt for NBA championship title number 5.

Draymond Green has always been known for his overly aggressive style of play against his opponents.  Back in October Draymond Green punched his teammate Jordan Poole during a practice.  The whole drama was handled internally and with the sentiments were that Poole and Green had the same goal, to help the Warriors win games and another NBA title.

Draymond Green spoke to Stephen A. Smith Tuesday night during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and Nuggets, and said he thinks things went wrong this season, because he punched Jordan Poole before the season even started.

“We’re not playing right now because when you speak about the fouling, when you think about all of the slippage that we had as a team on the road, not being able to come together. None of those things happen if that doesn’t happen, because the voice that I am and the departments that I lead this team in, there was a ton of slippage due to me sitting back, me not saying anything, me trying to allow that situation to play itself out and give it time to heal.”

What are your thoughts on what Draymond Green had say?  Take a look at the video below

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