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Everyone’s favorite conservative political commentator, author, activist, and television presenter, Candace Owens, who rocked a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at Kanye West’s fashion show, has sunk her teeth into the hot topic of the week Carlee Russell.

Carlee Russell called 911 saying she seen a toddler walking on the side of the road on a Thursday, disappeared, then reappeared days later.  Police have say they can’t verify Carlee’s story now Candace Owens is capturing Carlee Russell  to Jussie Smollett but that Carlee is worse.

Jussie Smollett claimed that he was beaten by republican, MAGA hat wearing, homophobes only to be convicted of staging the ordeal. 

Candace Owens posted a video to her Instagram saying that Carlee Russell has been exposed, snatching her own wig off and that she is WORSE than Jussie Smollett.

Take a listen to what Candace Owens had to say in the video below, then let us know do you agree.

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