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A viral video made it’s rounds on social media appears to be of a police officer at a park near Oxon Hill High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland, kissing an unidentified woman, before the two get into the backseat of the officer’s marked SUV.  He is clearly in uniform and she is not.  He got suspended from the job and dismissed from his wife as well.

The woman the Maryland officer was playing the kissing game with is not his wife, but his wife Paula says that ole girl  can “rot in hell”.

According to Officer Francesco Marlett’s wife Paula on her social media page in response to her husbands viral moment:

“There goes my husband and his Mistress,”…“This is a very tough time for me and my kids,”…“embarrassing and painful.” “Yes I know what’s been going on,”, “Virginia’s husband left her ass a long time ago bc she cheated so she and my husband decided to do this behind my back for years.” “I Love you all. Except for you Virginia you can rot in hell bitch.”

After reading that ‘the mistress’ Virginia decided to respond:

“Not that I owe anyone an explanation, this girl has been cheating on her husband for a while now herself,”  “I’ve done nothing wrong. … Please don’t be mad at me because your husband wants me.”

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