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Professional football/baseball star, Deion Sanders, is the epitome of a Cinderella story.  Deion Sanders went from neon Deon on the gridiron to star college football Coach Prime on the sidelines.

There is no question that Coach prime put HBCU Jackson State on the National radar and looks like he is about to do the same at University of Colorado Boulder.  The college football season has just started and the talk of all sports talk is Deion Sanders.

Recently ’60 Minutes’ aired a segment on Deion Sanders that prompted Jackson States Women’s Basketball coach Tomekia Reed to hit send on a Tweet/X voicing her displeasure of the segment because it seemed that ’60 Minutes’ showed Jackson State in a bad light in order to give shine to Coach Prime.

’60 Minutes’ correspondent Jon Wertheim more or less said that Deion Sanders left a predominately black decrepit program to go to a predominately white superior program.

Tomekia Reed as well as other Jackson State alumni and coaches harbored the same sentiments, that Jackson was portrayed in a bad light including show a decrepit house, that they wasn’t even on the Jackson campus.

We all can’t shine at the same time however it’s not cool to dim the light on someone else either.

Take a look at the ’60 Minutes’ segment on Deion Sanders below, then give us your thoughts.

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