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A semi-final game in the Cleveland Muny League was interrupted on Saturday after reports of gunfire rang through the area.

No one at the game, including the players, was harmed, but the gunshots did put an early end to the game.

Cynthia Sullivan, a mother of one of the players, told FOX 8, “It was a silver Charger riding around, just circling around doing donuts, doors open, guns out, just shooting around our kids. Like, our kids can’t play. This is ridiculous. Do that somewhere else,”.

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From FOX 8:

Witnesses say the people riding around were wearing hoods and masks, but did not appear to shoot at the field.

“The normal routine, our kids get down, stop play for maybe about two to three minutes, then we resume play. Then after that, we restarted again, some more gunfire, same thing. After the third gunfire, we canceled the game,” said Anthony Martin, game day operations manager.

It’s tough to think that kids this young have to experience unwarranted violence on like this with such frequency.

At this moment we’re not sure if there are any suspects or if any arrests have been made.

To read the entire FOX 8 report, CLICK HERE.


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