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Not no long after the social media “prayers are in order” for O.J.Simpson when news broke of his passing from cancer, came talks of  the Goldman’s wanting their money from a civil lawsuit that they won against O.J. following him being found innocent of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  However the civil suit awarded a $33.5 million judgment  to the families of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Juice passed without taking ownership of the murders nor did he pay the Browns or Goldman’s their money.

Initially, allegedly, the estate executor said they weren’t going to pay them either however O.J. Simpson’s attorney now Estate Executor say’s he is in fact going to show them the money however O.J. didn’t have the amount of money they were seeking.

According to the executor of O.J.’s will, and his longtime lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne:

“I can tell you in advance, Fred Goldman’s claim will be accepted. And his claim will be handled in accordance with Nevada law.” “Within an hour of knowing that O.J. died, he started talking shit. My advocate instinct is was, ‘Oh, you’re gonna keep shitting on him even after he’s dead? Fine, you know? You get nothing.’ And so, those were my remarks then. But I backtracked, and they were pretty harsh remarks. And now I’m going in the other direction.”

Reportedly O.J.’s assets were put into a trust,  something he spelled out in his will. The Goldmans and the Browns won a wrongful death lawsuit against him in the ’90s,  but he allegedly paid little to nothing on the multi-million dollar judgment in the years since.

Take a listen to O.J. Simpson’s Estate Executer role back what he initially said below.

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