CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland residents will soon receive a little help with the cost of prescription drugs bills.

The city will issue free cards that will give them a discount on filling prescriptions at any CVS pharmacy.

Residents are expected to save on average 20 percent off of their prescription drugs.

Cleveland City Council will hold a news conference 1 p.m. Tuesday to explain details of the program, which is sponsored by the National League of Cities.

There are no restrictions on a residents’ age, income, or current health coverage.

The card, distributed by CVS Caremark, will be accepted at any CVS pharmacy.

“The changes made in this country and in Congress concerning healthcare are extraordinary, but it will take four years,” Councilman Joe Cimperman said. “People in Cleveland need it now.”

Cimperman said that he spoke with an older woman who determined how much groceries she would buy by how much she had to pay for her medication.

“The extra money can now go toward bills and groceries,” Cimperman said.

Matt Carroll, Director of the City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Health, said that the city is planning many different ways to get the word out about the program, including placing notices in utility bills, healthcare centers, the internet and even using city council offices and its newsletter.

“Hopefully, residents will take advantage of it and improve their health by getting the prescription medication that they need,” Carroll said. “This type of benefit will help the uninsured.”