Summer is such a fun season, so why not bring some fun into your bedroom? Start with the bed, then move onto lighting and accessories.

Here are 4 easy ways to decorate your bedroom:

1) Switch to sheer curtains. If your bedroom is still sporting those heavy curtains, switch them out for a gauzy, sheer, or netted curtains. You can change the entire bedroom’s look just by changing up the window treatments.

2) Bring in some fresh flowers. Fresh flowers in the bedroom adds a romantic touch, and also brings some new energy into the air.

3 easy steps on how to make a bed.

3) Candles. Invest in some aromatic candles or diffusers in light floral scents; try energizing orange, soothing lavender, revitalizing mango, or a zesty peach.

4) Repaint your headboard. Change the look by painting it an off-white or cream color. The lighter look will compliment most bedding, and you’ll be left with an eye-catching piece.

4 ways to add color to your bedroom