This is not your daddy’s Fantasy Football. The Lingerie Football League was founded in 2003 and played their inaugural season in 2009. They currently have ten teams including the Chicago Bliss, Philadelphia Passion and the Orlando Fantasy.  Fourteen women take to 50 yard by 30 yard field and try to score on each other  following  rules similar to football. It’s the ultimate contact sport for the guy who can’t wait for the cheerleaders to take the field at halftime.

“Last year we had models playing football, this year we have athletes that just happen to be beautiful,” says Mitchell Mortaza, Founder of the LFL. Some folks aren’t buying it though, saying it’s just exploiting women. The players say otherwise.

“We are the real deal,”  Candis Mosley of the Dallas Desire. “We tackle. We’re  trying to knock your head off!”

Fellas, would you watch these games? Ladies would you mind your man watching them? Let us know!