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Would You Marry a Guy Who’s Divorced?


One of my friends recently started dating a divorced guy, which of course got us asking …

Would you marry a guy who’s divorced?I guess there are two schools of thought: On one hand, a divorced guy clearly isn’t afraid to commit. Sure, he’s been married—and even though it didn’t work out, he’s willing to give it another go. That’s good, right?

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On the other hand, maybe a divorced guy doesn’t take commitment seriously enough. If his ex-wife truly is bat s— crazy, maybe he should have realized that before giving her a ring. Hmm …

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My parents have been divorced for most of my life and both have been happily remarried for more than a decade—more than two decades in my mom’s case. So I’m all about giving divorcees a second shot. But I still don’t know if I would have shared my number to a divorced dude back in my dating days.

Would you marry a guy who’s divorced? Have you ever dated a divorced guy? Would it matter if he had more than one divorce under his belt? And what would your parents say?


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