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Let’s face it: girls require a lot of things. On top of our necessities- wallet, umbrella, and makeup- we always need a few extra things.  Whether its food, a book, or a laptop, a purse can easily get cluttered and become something that you avoid poking through.  Looking for a pen becomes a game of close your eyes and fish through your bag. Follow these few simple tips and turn your purse into a helpful resource instead of a mess of belongings:

Your friend asks you for some chapstick. You reach into your bag and grab what you think to be Burt’s Bees, but turns out to be a tampon.  This is when zippers come in handy. It can become annoying to have to open and close a pocket in your purse, but the zipper is your most reliable resource in your bag.  This is perfect for smaller, more important things that you use daily.  It hides things that you don’t want just anyone looking into your bag to see while keeping track of your important belongings.

The more bags, the better.  When you want to group items in your purse, you should give them their own pouch.  These small organizers can hold your lipgloss along with the rest of your makeup, making it less of a hassle to find that one thing you need.  Think about how easy having an organized wallet is.  It stores everything similar together, just like you should with the rest of your stuff.  Anything that’s in its own compartment is always safer than floating around. If you want to go even further, designate a small pouch for just credit cards. If you’re someone who uses cards a lot, it is easier to take out just your cards and ID instead of your whole wallet with cash and change.

Go through your bag.  It’s hard to get yourself to clean something that you use all the time.  If you clean out your purse once a week, you will get rid of so much junk that would otherwise be taking up space.  Those wrappers and receipts build up, making it harder to locate that one piece of paper that’s actually important.

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