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I’m heated about this one. Our girl Lisa Wu-Hartwell is rumored to be the next housewife released from RHWOA. WOW…they say her story/life is too boring. I understand you need to bring the drama, but why do all the women on the need to be out of control to stay? What’s wrong with having a supportive husband and being in love, without the baby-mama-he-left-me-what-am-I-gonna-do or I-can’t-stand-her- senerio? I feel a Lisa Wu Hartwell “Let her Stay” campaign brewing?

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Word on the street is that Lisa Wu-Hartwell’s days as a “Real Housewife” are coming to an end. Lisa, who was recently spotted frolicking on the beach in Tybee Island with hubby Ed, is said to be the latest casualty in the reality show wars.

We’ve all said that Lisa’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ storyline was a bit boring and apparently the producers of the show feel the same.

According to Kim Zolciak’s former publicist Jonathan Jaxson:

The producers of the show wanted to weed someone out, that person being Lisa Wu Hartwell, as they have added the two new cast members. She isn’t filming as regular as the other ladies of the show and will appear only on minimal episodes, as opposed to the other ladies.

With any popular reality show, you have to gently weed out a known cast member before just dropping them completely. It makes the transaction of taking someone off and introducing two new Housewives easier for the viewing audience in this case.

It wasn’t Lisa’s choice to end her contract, it was the producers as she no longer lives any where close to the city of Atlanta and her character on the show was quite a bore last year!

Wowzers! Hate to say I told you so…

In related news, the fit and fab couple have each been exercising their acting chops.

Ed made his theatrical debut recently, starring in a play called “False Profits! God Don’t Like Ugly Saturday,” which was billed as both a play and “old school concert. And wife Lisa is on the road to being a Hollywood starlit. She recently returned from L.A. and is rumored to have signed a movie deal to star with Robert Downey, Jr. beginning in July.

Boring or not, we’ll be seeing way more of these two…